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DSLR Beginners Workshop

Learn how your camera works and how to use it to get better photos


Our one day beginners DSLR photography workshop is for absolute beginners who want to learn how to use their camera correctly and how to use its wealth of features to capture great photos.

In the course we will teach you how to get the correct exposure using a combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

How to use the different modes on your camera and we will explain why Manual mode is the preferred mode for professionals.

The one day workshop will take place at our studio near Matlock, Derbyshire, and will consist of a morning of theory and an afternoon of practical application so you can put what you have learnt in to action.

The course will cover:

  • Camera Fundamentals
  • Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO settings and how these
  • work together to create the correct exposure
  • Camera settings and what they mean
  • Camera modes explained
  • Camera formats explained
  • Depth of field

The course will start at 10am and finish at 5pm with an hour lunch break. We have a maximum of 6 people per workshop


£40 per person

The following dates are available for booking


17th February 2018: Sold Out


3rd March 2018: 6 places
14th March 2018: 6 places
17th March 2018: 6 places
18th March 2018: 6 places
23rd March 2018: 6 places

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